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Design isn't magic, but with our VIP Design Day, we're almost there…

This is VIP treatment right here! Our Design Day is an opportunity to work 1:1 with us to bring your vision to life in one day.

Book your VIP Design Day and watch as your vision becomes a stunning reality!

Book VIP Design Day

No waiting

You know exactly when you will receive your new brand assets and collaterals: by the end of the work day.

We don't say "VIP" for nothing!

We're talking about our team dedicating an entire workday to your brand, with no external emails or meetings to distract us - nothing can get in the way or cause any delays.

14-day Support

Things happen - maybe your computer dies and you forget to back up your files, or you're unsure of which file format to use. We hope a 14-day email support, completely free of charge, gives you some peace of mind.

No more DIY-ing

Allow yourself to focus on other aspects of your business. Learning how to design your own brand identity or customize a website template can take days, or even weeks. Don't let that slow you down – let us take care of it for you!

You'll be amazed at what we can accom​plish in just one day!

Here are some options…

  • A simple brand identity including mood board, primary logo, one variation, color palette, fonts, and brand guidelines document
  • Stationery kits
  • Packaging or collaterals such as stickers or Thank You cards
  • Email templates (HTML files and all!) / Social media templates / YouTube thumbnails
  • Catalogues, workbooks or eBooks (copy not included and must be sent to us up to 24 hours before we start working)
  • Website maintenance or customization

We recommend the VIP Design Day if you're:

  • A small business owner looking to get your business up and running right away and the right way
  • A startup founder in need of a cohesive visual identity
  • A marketing manager tasked with creating promotional materials for your company
  • Normally a DIY queen, but feeling overwhelmed with all the daily tasks and trying to meet deadlines 
Book VIP Design Day


1. ​During our Design Day, we hope to check in with you and receive your feedback at least every two hours. This will help us ensure that we are on track and meeting your expectations. We value your input and want to make sure that you are fully involved in the design process.

2. While we'll do our best to tackle as much as possible, it's important to note that some projects may take longer than expected. But don't worry - when you book a day with us, we'll let you know in advance what's realistic to accomplish and give it our all to get as much done as possible. So let's get creative and make your brand shine!

3. This service is refundable up to 24 hours before our Design Day begins.

Questions? Write to us at