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Level up your brand and attract the right clients

Roseate Design Studio is a place where creativity blooms and ambitious women-led small businesses flourish.

Don't waste time, energy and money trying to figure out how to get your business going by yourself. Get the help of experts and start with the right steps from day one. 

Our team is here to help you draw in your ideal customers and drive meaningful impact. We specialize in crafting strategic brand identities and high-performing websites, and our main goal is always to help you create an impactful presence in your industry.

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Brand Strategy

Get your business off the ground with a strong foundation. Our brand strategy services will help you start with the right foot and set yourself up for long-term success.

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Brand Identity

A brand identity will help you attract the right audience and make sure they remember you for all the right reasons. By investing in a brand identity, you'll be able to refine your message and stand out in a crowded space.

Packages start at €1,200
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Web Design

Showcase your unique brand and take advantage of the power of digital marketing with a professional website. Roseate Design Studio is here to help you create a custom website that will convert visitors into customers.

Packages start at €1,700
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VIP Design Day

Design isn't magic, but with the VIP Design Day, we're almost there... Our team will dedicate an entire day to your brand, allowing us to create a variety of materials to get you up and running or revamped in 8 hours.

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How long does it take to design an identity or build a website?

Brand identities typically take 2-3 weeks to create, unless packaging is involved. A simple website with up to 5 pages or a landing page can go live in 2 weeks. eCommerce websites may take 4-5 weeks to complete.

What's the payment process like?

We divide our projects into 2 or 3 installments, with the first installment comprising 50% of the total cost. This payment is due before the project begins and can be made via Stripe (credit card) or wire transfer. The cost of a project varies based on its complexity, which is why we offer complimentary discovery calls to discuss your business' needs.

Where are you based? Do you work with international clients? What about the timezone?

Roseate is a digital design studio with a remote team based in Brazil and Czech Republic. We have collaborated with clients from the US, Brazil, UK, Dubai, Romania, Israel, and Italy, among others. Don't worry about time zones – that's why our calendar is open with all our available time slots. Choose the one that works for you!

What if I need help in the future?

Feel free to reach out to us anytime. If you've accidentally deleted a file, or if file extensions are confusing, don't hesitate to email us. We'll help you free of charge. If you're overwhelmed by your website tasks (plugin updates, website backups, eCommerce updates, etc.), let us know. We can work out a maintenance package that suits your needs for a monthly fee.