How to prepare for your first discovery call with a design studio

You found a design studio’s page, looked at their portfolio to get a better understanding of their design style and approach, and you’re sure they are THE ONE. Your next step is scheduling a meeting (often called a discovery call) with them, but the only problem is: you have no idea what that’s going to be like.

A discovery call helps the design studio understand the business’ goals, objectives, and the client’s expectations. It’s usually no longer than 30 minutes and free of charge (at least that’s how we roll!).

What exactly is discovery call?

A discovery call is a meeting between a potential client and a design studio where they discuss the details of the client’s project. We like to think this meeting is a relaxed opportunity for both sides to share their needs and expectations, and see if they’re a good match.

These meetings help the client understand the design studio’s capabilities and give them the opportunity to ask questions and get to know the studio better.

For the studio, it’s a chance to learn more about the project and decide if they are the right fit for it. If for some reason they aren’t, they usually recommend trusted partners (that’s how we like to work around here 💃🏻).

How to prepare for a discovery call

The most important is to be clear on what services you’re looking to hire and be able to give an overview of your project, including its goals, target audience, and expected outcomes. Write down any questions you have about the process and any additional information you’d like to discuss.

If you have any documents or materials that you want to show, make sure to have them ready. It can also be helpful to bring examples of work that inspires you and websites or products you admire. This will give the design studio a better idea of what you’re looking for in your project.

What happens after?

Every client has unique needs, so we prefer to take our time to ensure that we provide the most detailed and comprehensive proposal possible.

We follow up with a proposal within 24 hours, which includes all the details you need to make an informed decision, from timeline to prices. We also make sure to include the next steps, just in case you’re eager to get started.

Discovery calls are a great way to start a working relationship with a design studio. Looking for a creative team to help you level up? Schedule a complimentary discovery call with us today.