Roseate Design Studio is a creative agency that specializes in crafting powerful brand identities and high-converting websites for women-owned businesses.

Mayara Sousa

Founder & Creative Director

Mayara is the founder and lead designer of Roseate Design Studio. With a degree in Multimedia Arts and years of experience in the industry, Mayara is passionate about creating unique and innovative solutions for our clients. She believes in the power of design, and the ability of it to create lasting impressions and build strong brands.

Roseate means more than just "rose-colored"

It represents an optimistic, creative, and fun outlook on life. It's often associated with visions of a brighter future, with a sky of pink and orange hues that symbolize hope, positivity, and joy. Roseate also implies a sense of strength and resilience, as the world of nature has a way of showing us that even the darkest of days can lead to something beautiful.

We strive to be more than just another design studio; that's why the word "roseate" resonates with us; we are here for strong, fearless, and open-minded women who are ready to build their own business and a better future for themselves.